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The masks we wear: review.



I’ve recently adopted the Korean skincare trend thanks to Sephora’s campaign. I love the ritual and meditativeness of it, the natural ingredients and great packaging, and I also love the results. Tonight I tried Boscia’s Luminizing black mask. I got this as part of the Multi-Masking medley.



This mask is not for the faint of heart. It’s black like tar and when it dries, it sticks like glue. The peeling process isn’t painful, but you can definitely feel the top layer of your epidermis coming off. I have pretty sturdy skin, so it wasn’t a problem, but I think this would be disastrous for sensitive skin. It really does peel off if you use a thick enough layer and I have to say my skin is baby soft. The touch of redness I had initially disappeared and my skin looks quite vibrant. Not sure about long term results as I only have the one pack, but at $18 for four of these, I think it’s quite good value. Recommended for strong skin 🙂

Purchase the four mask pack at Sephora here.